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     Assembly of kydex holsters   Gold Star Family

We are a bespoke Kydex holster shop, husband and wife team, based out of Huntsville, TX that make everything to order by hand. We do not have items in stock so each order is handcrafted to the customers specific request and no two are alike.

We believe in the right of every person to be able to defend themselves and want to make carrying whatever they choose to use in personal defense as comfortable as possible, thereby encouraging them to carry more and not be a victim. We also believe that it is each of our responsibility to get the best training for CC and encourage all of our customers to be trained so that they can be safe and better prepared to carry.

We believe that we live in the greatest country on earth and are thankful for those that are willing to sacrifice their freedoms so that we may have ours. Whether it's military, law enforcement, FIRE/EMS we are thankful for their sacrifices. As a thank you we provide 10% off for active duty, veterans and retired military, law enforcement, FIRE/EMS   

Everything that we make comes with a lifetime guarantee. 

We support veteran charities and are strong supporters of Military, Law Enforcement, Fire/EMS and anyone else willing to put their lives on the line for the defense of others.  

The below are some of the charities that we support:

SEAL FUTURE FOUNDATION: Helps transitioning SEALs from active duty to civilian life.

Home * SEAL Future Foundation (sealff.org)

Seal Future Foundation 

NAVY SEAL Fund: provide support for all generations of current, retired and former UDT/SEAL teammates and their immediate dependents, including Gold Star Families. The overall objective is to strengthen the bonds of the Brotherhood and reduce the financial burden of members of the Navy UDT/SEAL Community who are in need of assistance.

Navy SEALs Fund - 501c3 Charity


Stop Soldier Suicide: Working to get their brothers and sisters in arms the help they needed and reduce the number of service members and veterans lost to suicide.

Stop Soldier Suicide

 Stop Soldier Suicide

Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation: The organization is an "inclusive organization" designed to assist the immediate families of "fallen officers" critically injured or killed in the line-of-duty.

Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation (dallasfof.org)

Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation